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Treadway Elementary School

Dress Code Policy



Treadway Elementary School adheres to a strict dress code for our faculty and students. Dress affects student attitude and the learning environment of others and we expect our students to dress for success. The established dress code encourages a feeling of belonging and team spirit as well as pride in good grooming and appearance. Additionally, it ensures the safety and well-being of all students and promotes a positive learning environment. 

Acceptable uniform clothing includes the following:

Tops:   Collared shirts are to be any solid color (except neon) and any fabric.  Shirt style must be polo, button down or turtleneck.  Polo dresses in any color (except neon) are acceptable.  We encourage students to tuck in shirt tails and shorts under dresses.

Bottoms:  Styles include long pants, shorts, skirt, skort, jumper or dress and may be khaki, navy blue or black in color (no jean material/jean cut).  All bottoms should reach beyond mid-thigh length and be of normal fit (not baggy or form fitting).  Girls are encouraged to wear shorts under dresses, jumpers and skirts.  Belts are preferred but are optional.  NOTE:  Mid-thigh is defined as while a student is in the seated position, measure halfway from the top of the leg (the crease your hip makes when seated) to the outside of the bent knee. In a standing position, whatever students are wearing should be longer than the mid-thigh mark when standing.  

Footwear:  Tennis shoes or closed-toed shoes with an enclosed heel are recommended for safety.  Sandals must have a heel strap.  Socks/tights may be any solid color or a coordinating stripe that matches the outfit.  Tennis shoes are required on PE days.

Cold weather/rain and outerwear:  Comfort and well-being are most important.  An appropriate jacket or sweater of any color/type may be worn outside while traveling to/from the classroom, during recess and PE.  When the temperature is below 50F students may wear jeans, with no holes.  Write your child’s first/last name in outerwear that may become lost.

Fridays:  Fridays will be school spirit days.  Jeans and school t-shirts may be worn.  Jeans must not have holes in them.

*There are days that exceptions will be made to the uniform policy, for example:  spirit days/weeks, special programs, personality picture days etc.  These special occasions will be announced in advance by the school.